• Abbeville Storage Bench, White (with Natural Cushion Pad)

    Abbeville Storage Bench, White (with Natural Cushion Pad) Buy Now at Amazon

    A white wooden bench seat with storage underneath, the storage can take the form of open compartments you can use to store toys or boots or you can add in canvas drawers or storage baskets, with the storage drawers they will be lightweight and easy to carry around the house when full with toys and the storage baskets will be best suited to heavier items like heavy toys, shoes or boots.

    There's a cotton covered cushion on the top of the storage bench and the cushion makes it comfortable to sit on the bench whilst children fasten their shoes and then store their shoes below the bench seat in the storage boxes leaving the hall tidy. Or the storage bench can be used in the bedroom where it will be a welcome seat to relax on as well as storage below.