• Amelie 'Collector's Cabinet' Wall Shelves

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    A safety wall cabinet with acrylic clear glass front door that is hinged on the left side and opens, there's a magnetic lock on the side of the door too and three shelves inside the cabinet that you can use for storing keepsakes and collectables like school or sports trophies, certificates, awards and papers, the middle shelf is the tallest and ideal for trophies.

    The top and bottom shelf (there are three shelves in total) are ideal for toys, pictures and ornaments. The front door shuts so no dust will get inside and you won't have to keep dusting trophies or your collectables and because the cabinet is wall mounted you can mount the cabinet as high up or as low down the wall as you want so if you want to keep the children away from the cabinet whilst still having the cabinet on display just mount the cabinet a little bit higher.