• Red Personalised Snuggle Sac - Single

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    A snuggle sac sleeping bag that's red in colour with white spots, suitable for a boy or girl the snuggle sac can be personalised with the name of your child embroidered on to the snuggle sac, ideal for sleepovers where if your buying more than one snuggle sac for the children everyone will know which one is theirs.

    The children's pillow fits into a large pocket at the top of the pillow so children can have their favourite pillow with them on their sleepover and when its time to go the snuggle sac sleeping bag rolls up into the snuggle sac bag where its zipped up so your child can easily carry the bag without the sleeping bag falling out. In the tote bag that's provided your snuggle sac won't get dusty or dirty when its being stored.