• White Toddler Bed

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    A toddler bed that has raised sides to stop your child falling out of bed at night and also reassure then as it will remind them of the cot they have just come from so they won't be so apprehensive about sleeping ion a big bed, the toddler bed is also low to the ground so your child won't feel scared that they are too high up, its the perfect bed to use after a cot.

    The toddler bed has a headboard and a foot board so your child can sit up in bed with pillows playing. The bed is white in colour and of unisex design to suit a boy or a girls bedroom and is made from wood with a sturdy bed frame, headboard and foot board that add strength to the toddler bed. A mattress is available when you get the bed and you can choose between coil, sprung or foam mattresses.